Operative leasing

Easily keep track of operating lease car loans, including variant offers and lease extension options. Automatic monthly invoicing is a matter of course
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Operativní leasing

Operative Leasing Features

In the Operational Leasing section you will find many practical features

Automatic invoicing

Automatic invoicing sent to the client by E-mail, including the crediting of advances to the first or last instalments. All clearly in the loan details.

Additional services and equipment

Keep a record of what additional services you offer the customer, including additional car equipment and items to be handed over, so that ending the lease is simple and straightforward for both parties

Damage records and handover reports

As well as recording the handover of the vehicle, take advantage of the options of photographs, recording the condition of the vehicle on a diagram, or handover reports

Verification of contracts

Each contract has its own version, including information on approval dates. Reassure yourself and your clients that you have everything under control on paper. Propose mileage limits or prices incrementally so that both you and the customer are satisfied

Tyre overview

Keep track of tire types, condition, storage, and retreads directly with the operating lease

End the lease easily

When you end an operating lease, simply calculate excess miles outside the contract, resolve deductibles, invoice for late returns, or extend the lease term
Operative Leasing

Life Cycle

lease in progress
changes and new lease versions
lease acceptance
lease extension
lease return
invoicing of excess miles, deductibles, etc.

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