Document Management

No more binders. Invoices received, contract documents, record sheets and everything you can think of can be recorded in this module. 
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document management

Document management features

Give them a scan, photo, pdf right when you take them. The approval process can then create an accepted invoice from some types.

All types

Thanks to the dials, define in advance which documents you record in paper form and start recording only in electronic form.

Data backup

The tax office doesn’t care about a fire, but thanks to a secure data backup, you won’t lose your data even in the event of a fire or other natural disaster.

Export to invoicing

Determine for yourself which types of received documents should be used to create the received invoice. The photo documentation is then transferred directly to the invoice.

Approval process

Thanks to the approval process, the documents are under the control of the responsible persons or the supervisor and you do not have to worry about erroneous data.

Stock items

When acquiring documents, you have the option to select what material is in stock and make it easier for your accountants to check received invoices and receipts.

Document life cycle

Adding a document to the system
Verification by the responsible person identified in the doc.
Approval of the document by the supervisor
Create a received invoice from a document with one click

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