Keep track of inquiries and orders from clients, including measuring the work of your employees. Keep track of goods, times and order statuses
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Contracts Features

In the contracts section you will find many practical features

Internal and commercial

Distinguish internal orders for your company. Invoice customers quickly via form items. For company policy purposes, the possibility of internal re-invoicing, for example between centres

Order statuses

Keep track of order statuses, including billing or customer handover information. Of course, reopen the order

Unloading of goods

No more manual listing or complicated conversion of items. The employee who originates the order simply writes instructions to the warehouse as to what is needed and the warehouseman handles the goods and materials just like any other order

Measurement of time worked

Record how much real time the employee spent on the job. His time is automatically reflected in the attendance

Status history records

Take a look at the history of the contract, how it progressed over time and who was in charge of it

Surcharges and overheads

Defining markups based on a number series. Possibility to automatically calculate overhead to the order

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