Online business management system
Modular online system for efficient
business management
business management system

Modern BMS as a SaaS solution

Effective company management
Real-time data
Automation of company processes
Based on proven practice
Intuitive (easy) to use
Modular solution
Solutions for e-shops
Automatic accounting (ABRA Flexi)
business management system

Online BMS

Employee control and loss minimisation
On-line reporting
Access anytime, anywhere
Secure data
Variability (the system grows with you)
Free updates
Data backup (cloud storage)
Independent of operating system type

AUTiX modules / features

Online. Modern. Available. Variable. Safe. Comprehensive. Flexible.
Modern and online
Autix BMS is a modern online system for business management system that requires no installation
Your data is encrypted and backed up to the cloud storage, with the latest security
For constant supervision and management of your company all you need is an internet connection
Choose the module suitable for your company
Works on all devices (PC, laptop, mobile or tablet)
API interface, connection with e-shops, accounting

Vehicle fleet

The basis of the BMS is the vehicle. Information about it, service history, logbook and its connection to other modules within the BMS
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Business partners

Detailed overview and history of your customers and contacts
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Car sales

New car sales agenda and agenda for the sale of used cars in simple way
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Service orders

Simplify the operation of your garage within a single BMS module
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Manage your warehouses efficiently. Ready for any size warehouse
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Insurance events

Keep records of cooperation with insurance companies, including photo
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Car transport

Designed for towing companies that want to handle towing efficiently and not be burdened with paper forms
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Car rental

Keep car rentals under control (also available for motorhomes and vans)
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Operative leasing

Easily keep track of operating lease car loans, including variant offers and lease extension options
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Manage your warehouses efficiently. Ready for any size warehouse
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Keep track of inquiries and orders from clients, including measuring the work of your employees
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Supplier orders

Clearly and easily create, import, export supplier orders from customer orders, from on-hand inventory, or based on pre-orders
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Parcels and packages

Send or issue goods by packages and parcels. Take advantage of connections with carriers and freight forwarders
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Monitor employee attendance and work through a simple module. Record lunch breaks, vacations, doctor's appointments
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No more binders. Invoices received, contract documents, record sheets...
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Billing system

An overview of your company’s finances from anywhere, anytime
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Interfacing with the ABRA Flexi accounting system (API interface)
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