Vehicle Fleet

The basis of the BMS is the vehicle. Information about it, service history, logbook and its connection to other features within the BMS
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vehicle fleet

Vehicle Fleet features

There are many great features in the Vehicle Fleet

Real-time information

All informations and data displayed in real time

Vehicle information

Detailed vehicle information based on dials (elimination of errors)

Economic information

Economic information related to the vehicle

Service interval rec.

Records of service intervals (by km and number of years) + notification of upcoming service

Stamps evidence

Notification of approaching end of paid stamp

Record of fines

Record of fines and status of over-invoicing

Car load

Car load (when combined with Car Rental or Car Transport)

Car Rental or Transport

Car rental or car transport information

Vehicle profitability

Profitability on every vehicle in the fleet


Keep all your records easily and automatically in the logbook

Vehicle photo gallery

All photos of the vehicle from all angles in the gallery

Green card and MOT

Green card and MOT information for vehicles

Tyre service

Tyre service including retreading system

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