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Keep car rentals under control (also available for motorhomes and vans).
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Car rental features

In the Car Rental section you will find many practical features

Driver records

You will get a database of drivers who have rented your car, including the validity of their licences. So you always know who rented your car and where they went.

Photo documentation

You can easily record the condition of the car before and after the rental with photo documentation. This makes proving damage to the rental car much easier.

Interactive calendar

You can clearly view the occupied cars and their future load using the interactive scheduler. You can immediately see when you can book which car for a customer.

Price lists

All car rental price lists are available, supported by seasonal discounts. Also included are price lists by car category.

Simple invoicing

Easy invoicing of rental cars eliminates potential errors. You can quickly and easily generate advance invoices and classic invoices where you can invoice commercially, internally or based on delivery notes.

Complementary products

You can also offer additional products such as car seats or bike racks for rent. We have taken this into account and the system will take care of the registration of these products and check their stock availability.

Log generation

Need to use contracts, logs or other vehicle information for other purposes? Easily export your data to XLS or PDF files. To make your work even easier, you can have these files emailed to you.


Book the desired date and the system will take care of avoiding loan conflicts. In addition to commercial loans, internal bookings are also counted in the full load. For added convenience, you can have confirmations and loan information emailed to you.


Connect your module to a web-based rental service for end clients with online payment.

Car rental lifecycle

Creating an unconfirmed reservation
Booking confirmation
Creation of a loan
Repayment of the loan
Invoicing of the loan

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