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Car Transport Features

You will find many practical functions in the Car Transport section

Intervention planning

Schedule towing and ride-along operations and time driver and vehicle collisions

Transporting cars on trailers

The system allows for the transport of multiple cars and cars on a trailer

Export of hits to XLS, generation to PDF

Possibility to export hits to XLS, PDF, generate a trip report

Different types of interventions

Internal towing, commercial orders, spare parts transport, new vehicle import, carpooling, all can be recorded in the system

Loading and unloading of transported vehicles

The information on loading and stowage of the wagon provides for different loading and unloading points, as well as for the combination of multiple wagon transports

Damage records before and after the intervention

Record damage not only to the transported car, but also to the tow truck

Photo gallery of the intervention

No servers and flash drives, all photos for the intervention are backed up and easily traceable while encrypted directly in the system. Simply send them to, for example, the insurance company

Workload and profitability

Keep track of the utilization and profitability of your company's trucking operations, as well as generate labor reports for individual drivers


Commercially, internally or on a delivery note

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