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Would you like to participate in the development of our own automotive information system? The system is built on the Nette framework. There are no limits to imagination in development and we appreciate your interest in getting involved in the design of solutions and implementation of your own ideas. We are a young and friendly team, where there is no need to be afraid to express your own opinion or consult problems with others who are happy to help. So, if you are interested in PHP development and are keen to develop further with these technologies, not having extensive experience with similar projects will not be a barrier. The important thing is first and foremost an interest in learning and contributing to development. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you don’t lack the described qualities.

Who are we?
We are developing an app for car dealerships, eshops and managers who want to be in control of their business. Our app is the same for everyone, or we don’t do customizations for one, but we optimize the requirements so that the functionality fits everyone, as well as every customer has an up-to-date version. We try to find solutions that someone has already thought of well, so that we don’t unnecessarily duplicate the work of others, but at the same time we add functionality that maybe others don’t have.

What would you expect from us?

  • You will be involved in analyzing new requirements, designing solutions and then implementing the proposed solutions
  • you will use PHP, Nette, JavaScript for development

What can you do without?

  • Knowledge of the basics of PHP or another object-oriented language
  • ability to work in a team and be independent in the home office
  • minimum passive knowledge of English to read documentation

What would be an advantage for you to know further?

  • Knowledge of the Nette framework and JavaScript
  • For frontend you will need to be able to work with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
  • on the backend, definitely knowledge and hands-on experience with PHP and Nette
  • knowledge of versioning tools (GIT)
  • knowledge of SQL language
  • ability to work in a team and experience with agile development methodology
  • experience with agile development methodology

What do you expect from us in return?

  • Flexible working hours + home office option (we will meet more in the beginning, eventually only attendance at standups is mandatory)
  • the opportunity to develop professionally and implement your ideas
  • you can work on a trade license or employment contract
  • you get a company computer to work with us
  • pleasant and informal environment and team
  • coffee, alcohol, outings and get-togethers

If you are interested in the offer or would like to ask any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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